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The map modification may not be compatible with every FiveM server and might not function properly across all FiveM clients. It’s important to note that Rockstar Games does not endorse this map modification.

FiveM Cookies MLO is best for your server.

Location Coordinates (v3): -944.4877, -1195.8145, 5.0099, 6.3152

                                               FiveM Cookies MLO

This is FiveM Cookies MLO for your server in this mlo you get the best legal and illegal experience in your RP server.

Key Features:

  • New interior based on the renowned Cookies cannabis dispensary.
  • The diverse selection of props and furniture.
  • Functional menu system for an immersive experience.
  • Capability to purchase and sell cannabis products.

Installation Notes:

  • Ensure compatibility by verifying the map modification with your specific FiveM server.
  • Confirm functionality with your individual FiveM client.

Important Considerations:

  • The map modification is not universally compatible with all FiveM servers.
  • Compatibility may vary across different FiveM clients.
  • Rockstar Games does not endorse this map modification.

Location Coordinates (v3): -944.4877, -1195.8145, 5.0099, 6.3152.

                                                                                     Video Preview Of FiveM Cookies MLO


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