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The FiveM Mester Sumo Map MLO is an exclusive map loader object that introduces a meticulously designed sumo wrestling arena to your FiveM server. This remarkable addition has the potential to elevate roleplay encounters and offer an enjoyable activity for players.

Coordinates: v3(-2210.1563, -1778.0516, 271.1268, 74.9470)

FiveM Mester Sumo Map MLO is a custom map loader object that adds a detailed sumo wrestling arena to your FiveM server This addition can enhance roleplay experiences and provide a fun activity for players.

  • Expect a realistic recreation of a sumo wrestling arena, including the raised clay dohyo ring, spectator seating, and traditional Japanese elements.
  • Depending on the MLO and additional scripts, players might be able to:
    • Challenge other players to sumo wrestling duels, following traditional rules and throws.
    • Watch other players compete, place bets, or simply enjoy the entertainment.
    • Some MLOs might include training areas or mechanics to improve sumo skills and techniques.
    • Train, compete in tournaments, and climb the ranks of the sumo world.

Location v3(-2210.1563, -1778.0516, 271.1268, 74.9470) 

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