FiveM New Prison MLO

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  • Fully FiveM Optimised: Drag and drop for instant prison RP action.
  • Premium Design: Immerse yourself in a stunning and realistic prison environment.
  • Diverse Prison Rooms: Enhance your RP with various cell designs and layouts.
  • Jailer & Prisoner RP: Create compelling stories with dedicated areas for both roles.
  • Dinner & Medical Facilities: Ensure the health and well-being of your prison population.
  • Best MLO Ever: Experience the pinnacle of FiveM prison roleplay.
                                                                        FiveM New Prison MLO

Unleash the ultimate prison roleplay experience with FiveM New Prison MLO. Get ready for a fully optimized, plug-and-play prison experience with stunning design, diverse prison rooms, and top-notch facilities.


  • Plug-and-play FiveM ready
  • Fully optimized mod location
  • Premium design for immersive RP
  • Dedicated areas for jailers and prisoners
  • Top-notch dinner and medical facilities
  • Diverse prison room designs for enhanced security
  • Coordinates: 1818.421, 2572.346, 45.32233


  1. Download the FiveM New Prison file.
  2. Extract the file and place the “NewPrison” folder in your server.cfg.
  3. Restart your FiveM server.
  4. Enjoy the ultimate prison roleplay experience!

                                                         Video Preview Of FiveM New Prison MLO

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