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Elevate your FiveM medical roleplay with FiveM Ocean Hospital MLO. A plug-and-play mod, ‘oceanHospital,’ boasts a premium design and optimal mod location. With 6 MLOs across 5 floors, 20+ custom medical accessories, and detailed interiors, including emergency rooms, operating areas, offices, and helipads, this is the ultimate in FiveM hospital mods. Ensure seamless installation by adding ‘oceanHospital’ to your server.cfg.

Coordinates: -1855.055, -333.9685, 46.31464.

                             FiveM Ocean Hospital MLO

Elevate your FiveM roleplay server with the pinnacle of medical center MLOs – the FiveM Ocean Hospital MLO. This meticulously designed and highly optimized MLO offers a complete interior spread across five floors, over 20 customized medical accessories, a custom full-color minimap, and more.


  • Plug-and-play FiveM readiness

  • Fully optimized mods location

  • Premium design of FiveM hospital mods

  • Ocean Medical Center includes:

    • Reception room
    • Emergency room with two external accesses
    • 2 medical rooms with a total of 20 medical beds
    • Access ramp
    • Pharmacy with external access
    • Laboratory room
    • Veterinary room
    • Separate changing rooms
    • Small operating room, including two operating rooms and radiography
    • Relaxation area with bars
    • 5 medical rooms with a total of 30 medical beds
    • Access ramp
    • Rehabilitation room
    • Optician Room
    • 2 consulting rooms
    • 2 psychology rooms
    • 6 medical rooms with a total of 12 medical beds
    • 2 meeting or training rooms
    • 1 meeting room
    • Open-space and various offices
    • Large operating area with two operating rooms
    • IRM Room
    • Medical scanner
    • Storage room
    • Ambulance Garage
    • 2 helipads
    • Two stairs (13 levels)
    • Lift on each floor
    • Toilets on each floor


  1. Download the FiveM Ocean Hospital MLO file.
  2. Extract the file to your FiveM server’s resources folder.
  3. Add the following line to your server.cfg file:
ensure oceanHospital


-1855.055, -333.9685, 46.31464

                                 Video Preview Of FiveM Ocean Hospital MLO

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