fivem sons of anarchy clubhouse

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Detailed Interiors: Realistic textures, props and lighting will create an immersive environment, whether it’s an old leather sofa or an overgrown workshop.

Interactive Elements: Pool tables, dartboard, poker tables and other props can be used as roleplay props. fivem sons of anarchy clubhouse

Customized Layout: With some MLOs, you’ll be able to customize the layout, add decorations and personalize your clubhouse to your exact specifications.

Advanced Features: With advanced MLOs, you could have working security cameras or hidden compartments. Or, you could have an interactive voting system for club decisions.

fivem Sons of Anarchy clubhouse! This is one of the most popular roleplay servers. It gives you the opportunity to play as the famous biker gang of the TV show.

Types of Sons of Anarchy Clubhouses:

  • Redwood Originals: The classic Sons of Anarchy clubhouse from the show, featuring a bar, workshop, meeting room, and plenty of biker memorabilia.
  • Custom Designs: Many MLOs (Map Layout Objects) offer creative takes on the clubhouse, like modern renovations, rural outposts, or even underground hideouts.
  • Server-Specific Variations: Some FiveM servers might have unique clubhouse designs, reflecting the server’s lore and storyline.

Features of Sons of Anarchy Clubhouses:

  • Detailed Interiors: Expect realistic textures, props, and lighting to create an immersive atmosphere, from the worn-out leather sofas to the cluttered workshop.
  • Interactive Elements: Use pool tables, dartboards, poker tables, and other props for engaging roleplay activities.
  • Customizable Layout: Some MLOs allow you to adjust the furniture placement, add decorations, and personalize the clubhouse to your liking.
  • Scripted Functionality: Advanced MLOs might offer features like working security cameras, hidden compartments, or interactive voting systems for club decisions.

Location v3(1006.4495, -2519.3013, 28.3046, 206.3191) 

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