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The FiveM lighthouse MLO is available for free on the FiveM Forums. To install it, you must download the mod and follow the instructions in the readme file. Once you have installed the MLO, you can join a FiveM server with the mod enabled. The MLO will be available to all players on the server.

Whenever you are tired and would like to reset  FiveM Lighthouse  and would like to buy your new house where you will be able to have a great view, then you need to buy a home near lighthouses. There you will find waves of great enjoyment and enjoy spending time with your family.


  • Multiple floors
  • Garden Area
  • Small Sitting Area
  • Custom Props
  • Performance issue already take care
  • Easy to Install

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If you have any other questions and issues related to this qbcore yacht heist scripts then you can contact.If you want any mlo related to this scripts then visit FIVEM  SHOP


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